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Invest in LED lighting, it’s worth it

Not only individuals, commercial and industrial units, today, many countries and their governments have also realized the benefits of sustainable green lighting like LED lighting. They have realized how LED lighting can benefit the each individual residence or business unit, leading to a huge reduction in the country’s energy usage, which is expensive and scarce.…
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Standard release for lighting LED-driver interface

[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] The Module-Driver Interface Special Interest Group (MD-SIG) has released its specification for a universal electrical interface between LED lighting modules and their power supplies. The standard has the support of Osram, Panasonic, Philips and Tridonic. Called LEDset1 edition1.0, it is a three wire interface (see diagram): power, ‘Iset’ and a return for…
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Publise hold fire drill to enhance the fire safety awareness of employees

In order to improve the safety awareness and self-protection ability of all employees, and make sure they know about mehoud to handle fire and escape skills, Publise holds two days fire safety training and fire drills from 8th July to 9th July. It’s important to keep getting out these basic fire safety messages and reminding…
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Top ten LED trends 2015

The recent restructuring by major global lighting companies will allow LED makers to raise capital for investments in 2015. According to ‘Top Lighting and LEDs Trends for 2015,’ a new white paper issued by IHS, last year’s restructuring could lead to improved margins for leading companies, along with the potential for lower product prices for…
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