2016 PUBLISE fire safety training and evacuation drills

To carry out safety production activities and improve the ability of fire prevention and control of enterprises. In the afternoon of September 19th, Publise organized a fire safety training and evacuation drills, more than 100 staff attended it .

During the training process, the security and environment department conducted fire safety education for the trainees. Through the interactive questioning, the lecturer taught the basic knowledge of fire, fire prevention, early fire fighting, daily fire inspection, evacuation and other aspects of the fire knowledge.

Subsequently, the trainers also carefully explain and demonstrate the skills of how to use fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and so on, and guide the trainees to use different types of fire extinguishers to simulate fire drills, and let trainees to operated by themself, effectively improved the employees of fire safety awareness and practical operational capacity, and also consolidate and enhanced the fire safety and stability of PUBLISE.


Through this fire safety training and evacuation drill, it's improved the knowledge level of fire protection and self-help capabilities of every staff. At the same time, general manager Mr. Kevin KUNG stressed that all departments should take this training as an opportunity to further strengthen the fire safety work, and strictly implement the responsibility of fire safety, improving the ability of self-help and taking preventive measures.

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