“Happy corn” TV Program global launch ceremony

Mr. Steven Feng, CEO of PUBLISE, now invest about 5 million US dollars on "happy corn" TV program, to explore the talent star, and concerned about the Children's welfare. The famous host Wang Han presided over this "Happy Corn global launch ceremony", hoping to drive the community together to focus on children's welfare, let the young people grow up healthy!

HAPPY CORN · Happiness is a force

The TV program of "happy corn" is a professional children's TV program, which is made by the Ao Ya TV station, Shenzhen corn Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Guangdong corn culture media Co., ltd..

Program strives to explore Asia children Star, through television programs and a series of events, to build a stage which can realize their dream for 4-16 years old talented children, meet their desire to be a movie star and singer, which also create a new platform for the young TV and movie actor.


Steven - CEO of PUBLISE



CORN CHARITY · Building the hope primary school together

In Yunnan, a province of China, there is such a group of children, they are live in the mountains, lack of supplies, education is backward, sitting in the old and cold classroom to learn the knowledge. They are such lovely kids, poor but with strong faith and beautiful dreams, fighting for their own life. We can not change their existing life immediately, what we can do is appeal to everyone to contribute their efforts to help those Children to have a better learning environment, and bring them care and warmth.

Happy corn, happy children, let us pay attention to the child's happy growth!

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