Happy working in Publise

During the whole year of 2016, Publise has organized many activities to further strengthen the team building, promote exchanges and cooperation between employees, let everyone feel the warmth of the company,"we are a big family". Improving every staff's enthusiasm to make a better future. Also let everyone in the work can be appropriate to relax, create better work results.

Wutong Mountain is located at 113 17'~ 114 18' E, 22 23'~ 22 43' N, 943.7 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in the Shenzhen. There are famous Rhododendron moumainense Hk. F. on the hill, when the spring comes, the mountain was full of flowers, very beautiful.

In May 23, 2016, our production department organized the Wutong Mountain climbing activities, everyone is very happy, both exercise, breathe the fresh air, and also feel the beauty of nature. And after this event, the whole  team is more cohesive, and more efficient.


2016·7    Guangzhou Water Park


July 16, 2016, the main office and workshop managements went to Guangzhou Waterpark to enjoy the weekend!

The summer in Shenzhen is particularly hot, the activity in water park bring everyone cool in this hot weather,  there are many activities, such as: Spray chute, Centrifuge slides, Jogging chute, Raceway, Super Monster Bowl, Super wave pool, Hawaiian Water City and so on.

Through this activity, it promote exchanges between the various departments, the employees know more about each other, it is good for their futuer team work.

2016·10     Charity of Happy Corn 

"Happy Corn" is a professional children's TV program, which is made by the Ao Ya TV station, Shenzhen corn Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Guangdong corn culture media Co., ltd..

It strives to explore Asia children Star, through television programs and a series of events, to build a stage which can realize their dream for 4-16 years old talented children, and it's also a Charity for the kids in poor area, working to make a better learning environment for them, bring them care and warmth.


2016·12     Gulangyu Islet Resort 


Recently, our sales team went to Xiamen, visited Gulangyu Islet Resort, Tzengtsu town, Zhongshan Road Food Street, and riding on the Island Road, and enjoyed a very nice holiday there.

The new year is coming soon, Publise Group here wish everyone a merry christmas and happy new year!

Thanks for everyone's support and effort in 2016, hope we continue to work hard together and get sucess together. Also thanks for the care and support to each employee from our leaders, work as a family with everyone. " we are a family, we are growing together!"

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