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Recently, Publise has launched the new LED track light, which have spent our R&D teams almost 1 year to design and improve it. I know that you will not wanna to miss this Amazing Track Light, because of its unique appearance design, practical functions and super high quality.

It has two sizes for power of 15w, 25w and 35w, using Cree LED with high CRI>90 and high lumens, and soft well light distribution make it has no darkness super small outer light circle. In addition, Beamangle is adjustable from 24°-60° freely, because of the top end Fresnel lens, it can be ajusted to the precise angles. This LED track light adopts internal driver and external dirver, more options for you. And it is made from pure aluminum alloy, which makes it better heat sinking and metallic flavour.

track light

LED track light can be used both for commercial and household. For commercial, it generally used in shopping mall store, mainly irradiation on the models, it has the effect of accent lighting. And the LED track light spectrum is pure and rich colors, it will add a lot of glory and effect on the clothes. Moreover, it also install the LED tube or LED downlight for the overall lighting.

The LED track light also can be used for household lighting. When a modern apartment applied LED track light on the ceiling, This creative design will make the room has more fashion sense and more comfortable. This unexpected effect brings a new fashion trend for home decoration field.

For maintenance of LED track light, everyone should knows that don’t direct use the water to cleaning the lamp, just wipe with a dry cloth on it to prevent water or moisture make components rust, fade, or leakage short circuit, etc.

More info about LED track light, welcome to visite our product page to learn more details: LED Track Light

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