Publise hold fire drill to enhance the fire safety awareness of employees

In order to improve the safety awareness and self-protection ability of all employees, and make sure they know about mehoud to handle fire and escape skills, Publise holds two days fire safety training and fire drills from 8th July to 9th July. It’s important to keep getting out these basic fire safety messages and reminding staff of the importance of fire safety. Because, ignorance can be deadly.

Mr. Feng, CEO of Publicis Groupe, regards this fire drill as a very important work of company and paid a lot of attention on it. Mr. Kung, general manager of Publise Group, attended this fire drill and made a conclusion for the importance of security management after fire drill.

At the first day, all employees are trained by Mr. Huang, a professional fire lecturer, to learn about knowledge of fire safety. Mr. Huang analyzed some fire case, teach employee about self-help method and how to use portable dry powder fire extinguisher. Second day, fire drill started at 14:30, with the alarm sounded, everyone was evacuated in an orderly manner and escaped from the fire scene. In the process of exercise, Mr. Huang emphasizes the use of dry powder fire extinguishers techniques and matters needing attention, staff of each department take turns to practice, and mastered the use of fire extinguishers.

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This fire drill enhances the fire safety awareness of staff, improve the ability of emergency disposal and mutual cooperation ability, it build a good working environment and infrastructure for the fire safety of the company.

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