Publise New Activity Center

Thanks to you!

Give me a flower, and you will have springs of warmth.

Give me freedom,

and you will enjoy happiness and prosperity.

Be true to me, and we will enjoy ourselves.

For I am Here!

We illuminate darkness for everything to be promising!

We provide light with everyone’s good health!

We offer health with brilliance and prosperity!

We supply romance with beliefs and expectations!


Several of our colleagues were willing to work overtime every day, only to finish Publise’s activity center earlier!

Appreciate each other while grow up together,Equality, Sincerity, Unity and Happiness”is our mission. To let our staff own a sronger body,a higher work efficiency and a better mental outlook;also to enhance our  team cohesive and create an extraordinary team,our founder decided to invest money,time and engrey to build a Publise “proprietary “activity center. With the assistance of every colleagues,our activity center were finished on 10th,March,2017!Our activity center includes gym,KTV,study room and outdoor lounge.

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Fitness is a life attitude! While the improvement of our work efficiency and life quality are only its addition.Entertainment after working hours could help to free ourselves from stress as well as color our life !

KTV:equiped with professional VOD,stereo,projector,ets.

Study room:Designed with floor-to-ceiling windows,placed with rosedwood furniture,decorated with sofe lights; that full of a scholarly atmosphere.

After busy work,you could find a quiet corner to concentrate and rest your heat aspire.

Having a birthday party with our colleagues in the KTV is an unforgettable memory!


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