PUBLISE team building activities in 2015

The main office and workshop managements participated in this activity

In order to stimulate the staff's working enthusiasm, establish a positive communication, mutual trust, solidarity and cooperation between employees, And cultivating the consciousness of team, enhance the worker's responsibility and the sense of belonging. From August 14 to 15, 2015, the main workshop and office staff participated in the team building activities to unite all the forces of the employees to create a better future together.

At 7:30 am, 14th August, we went to the XIDIAN training base to attented the expanding training, it is a training process which is to promote the growth of the organization with a set of outdoor experiential activities, especially designed for the construction of modern team. Before the start of training, all the staff is divided into four groups, they are Red Flag team, Fightting Flag team, the Great Wall tam and the Nora’s team. Under the guidance of the coach, the four teams competed with each other at the below activities: team show, the broken bridge , rapid sixty seconds, drums, the graduated wall, evening party. The graduation wall is very special for everyone, it remind us about thanksgiving, we should always thank the people around us, such as friends, family, colleagues, leadership, they always help and support us, we need to learn how to say thanks to others and establish the mutual trust between team members.

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Team Build

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Team Show

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The broken bridge

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Nose game

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 Rapid sixty seconds

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The graduation wall

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At the end of the activity, the result shows these 4 groups are not a big difference, they have their own merits. The important thing is we get some harvest and perception from these activities, start to think about previous work and behaviors, how to break the barriers for the future work, and improve our executive ability. Through this training, everyone also knows their own advantages and disadvantages,and understood the importance of cooperation and communication, these will enhance them work better in the future.

In this activity, we realized the importance of the team's continuous development, unified command, effective command, effective implementation and the special value of every member in the team. We also learned how to overcome the objective obstacles. This activity is absolutely successful, because of everyone's active participation in the training. It will help us to dig out our potential and enhance the sense of teamwork, cohesion and combat effectiveness. AS one part of the Publise, we has shown youthful vitality and elegant appearance of PUBLISE in this training.

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During this activity, everyone actively shared their ideas and summarized their experience. In the final summary of the meeting, Steven has made a summary for this training and shared with us about how to apply this spirit on work and life. After Steven’s speech, Kevin, Linda and Coco also shared their feeling about this activity. The training is just two days, but it already left a deep memory for everyone, it will help us to have a better understanding for our life and work better in the future.

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