Publise pays an attention to every partner's growth, “We are a family, and we are growing together.” This is our team culture, the team work spirit is very important for our company. Publise hopes every member can care and develop each other. We give equal opportunity and joyful workplace for every employee to succeed in life.

Every employee always keeps in mind “Equality, Sincerity, Team Spirit and Happiness" while they are working.

As an excellent national champion, Publise also turns to dedicate to develop and pays back the society. We always commit to realize a social responsibility and active to participate in all kinds of public benefit activities.


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In 2013, Mr. Steven Feng, CEO of Publise, joined the completion ceremony of Yucai Primary School as a representative for class 279. The school is located in Sichuan Province, Hezi Town. Steven also subsidized two girls for their tuition.

At the same year, we attended the Fundraising Show which was held by Shenzhen "PRO BIZ" Association for Yaan Earthquake. We hope that do our best to help people who lose their home from the earthquake to build a new family.

August 25, 2015, Mr. Steven Feng, CEO of PUBLISE, invested about 5 million US dollars on "happy corn" TV program, to explore the talent star and concern about the Children's welfare. The famous host Wang Han presided over this "Happy Corn global launch ceremony", hoping to drive the community together to focus on children's welfare, let the young people grow up healthy! This program also strives to explore Asia children Star through television programs and a series of events, building a stage for 4-16 years old talented children, and help them to realize their dreams of to be a movie star or singer. At the same time, it also created a new platform for the young TV and movie actor.

Publise to “Safety First” for the purpose. We do not only formulate pre-proposal on fire fighting and emergency evacuation, but also organize regular fire and earthquake drill.  We also organize team-building activities to stimulate the staff's working enthusiasm, enhance the worker's responsibility and the sense of belonging. And every month, there is a Bithday Party  for the staff who is current month birthday, we hope that everyone enjoy the time in PUBLISE, not only the time at work, but also after work.

We dream to use our lighting to spread all over the world, warm the whole world. In case you have the same dream as us, welcome to join us.


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