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  • For ODM, we’re offering our large R&D, and manufacture experience for the customerizing of your products.
  • For OEM, our separated OEM department offers you excellent services, and patented unique designed products.




Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) is a company that designs and manufactures a product as specified and eventually rebranded by another firm for sale. Such companies allow the brand firm to produce (either as a supplement or solely) without having to engage in the organization or running of a factory.
Every year our lighting source R&D team and lamp R&D team continuously design new products not only focus on piezoelectricity and appearance design, but also pay attention to practical application of the end user. Our hotel downlight is a good example of it, optical components like reflector and lens are easily to be changed for terminal user.
Accordingly, we will apply the patent for each ODM product; it means that our ODM product for you is absolutely unique!



Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a term used when one company makes a part or subsystem that is used in another company's end product. The term is used in several ways, each of which is clear within a context. The term sometimes refers to a part or subassembly maker, sometimes to a final assembly maker, and sometimes to a mental category comprising those two in contrast to all other third party makers of parts or subassemblies from the aftermarket.

If you have your own design and have problems for production, we can in charge of the production only for you. We have 5 years of OEM experiences, it could offer you stable quality and best performance.

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We’ve three R&D teams focusing separately on light source, drivers and structure, but they work together as a whole. R&D teams of light source and light fixture function individually while cooperate to design high-end products!


Over 50 experienced technicians focusing on LED high-end illumination over 10 years.


Focus on ODM and OEM services, stress on patented products, stick to world-class standard, insist on high-end enjoy.


Chips, IC, heat sink and optical devices are mainly imported from the high-end market, we’re sharing the stock with our high-end lighting partners.







We put a high value on building an independent R&D team for a long time. In 12 years, we continuously learn and improve our development techniques. Our innovations are central to important cutting-edge technologies, the patented products is our best guarantee to customers. The Company puts into the massive funds in implementing R&D and innovation. The top grade quality is included at all points in our research, development and delivery processes.To be more beneficial for our customers, since 2002, we’ve built 4 R&D teams, which located in different districts of China as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Chongqing.We commitment to you, Publise will actively ensure that our customers’ requirements and needs are identified and incorporated into our solutions. We always strive to provide a superior product, service and solutions to our customers. Keep in mind that the only reason for Publise existence is to meet our customers' needs.



Unique patented design

Our unique patented design protecting your individuality at the competitive market all over the world.


Technical innovation

Our technical innovations are central to important cutting-edge technologies that guarantee you to be one of the best at your market.


TOP GRADE quality

We make sure; you provide your clients with the top quality products, and excellent lighting solutions.




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