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2009~2011    Start

Publise story started in 2009 when Steven Feng and his partners registered in HongKong.

Marketing, designing, manufacturing, all focus on custom demands and high-end market.

The business developed, the first factory established in Shenzhen and created the first patent 4LED GU10/MR16 in the world in 2010.

2012-2015    Rapid development

Publise become a strong LED lighting supplier, cooperated with many powerful partners over Norway, Swiss, Germany, UK, USA etc... 

Designed and released the first RF control spot light in the world. We also be the strategic partner with CREE.

2016-2019    Stable growth

From 2016 to 2019, Publise grew stably and improve the company system to become better. 

We were delighted to have the ISO9001 accreditation for our Quality Management Systems in 2017. 

And helped our partner in USA won a prize for landscape lighting of smart MR16 product in 2018. 

We are very proud of that our efforts could support our partner win the market and enhance their brand effect.

2020-2023    New stage

2020 have important meaning for Publise. 

We welcomed new management team, which lead Publise to the new stage. 

With leading of new team, we expanded Sweden, Denmark, France, Australia, Canada markets, and established deep partnership with Top3 customers in their region.

At the same time, we extend our product lines, own designed and produced Batten series and COB strip light series.

2023-  ?    Chances & Challenges

We are on the way to design more good products.

We are waiting you to win more markets.



Publise Development Timeline

    ·  2002

         Enter the LED packaging industry   

    ·  2005

         Start LED ligthing manufacturing 

    ·  2009

         Cathay register in Hongkong  

    ·  2010

         Publise register in Shenzhen and created the first patent 4LED GU10/MR16 in the world

    ·  2011

         Abtain more than 10 patents for our own design 

    ·  2012

         Honored as the most growth potential customer of CREE Inc 

    ·  2013

         Honored as the National High Tech Enterprise in China

    ·  2014

         Honored as the "Qualified manufacturer inspected by TUV" 

    ·  2015

         Honored as the Innovative application customer of Osram.

         The same year, we created the first downlight could change directions 360° in a new machanical way  

    ·  2016

         Expand the factory from one floor to one buiding of three floors, takes around 12.000㎡ sqm

    ·  2017

         Build internal activity center including gym, KTV and banquet room. 

    ·  2018

         Took part in HK Fair and was selected as one of the most popular booth with photograph

    ·  2019

         ISO-9001 certificated factory

    ·  2020

         New CEO Mark who were in charge of the factory more than 1 billion joined Publise.

    ·  2021

         Vce president Ben and 4 more experienced R&D manager joined Publise





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